Tony’s Garden: Where Love is like Water for Parched Earth



This is a book about a deaf woman and her dreamer husband, who find a dilapidated old hotel with a beautiful dining hall inside. They decide they can use the building for good, and try a social experiment that turns into a legend.
Laura and Tony open the Cock and Bull restaurant, and allow people to perform anything and everything they want there, from poems to songs to original plays and novel readings. They become a beacon of hope for many people, until it all turns to ash.

This is a story about a dreamer who believes he can plant seeds in the hard ground of the Rust Belt Midwest as jobs, families, and personal fortunes crumpled in the last twenty years of the twentieth century. What starts out as a legendary success, turns into a personal and financial nightmare for Tony and Laura.
The characters are compelling, the setting is extra-ordinary, and the passion that Tony pours into his experiment is matched only by the passion Laura pours into Tony.

Tony’s Garden is a story about planting seeds, and raising people. It’s a story about love, hope, and second chances.


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