Sathwik Thomas

My name is Sathwik, and I may seem a bit mysterious since I decline to include a picture of myself. But I personally am far from mysterious. I do, however, enjoy writing about the mysterious. I especially enjoy writing about possibilities; the endless possibilities that I feel we ignore daily and, as a result, cost us dearly as a society.

I like pushing the limits, taking chances with my work, and most of all challenging people to think. I am looking for readers who want to stretch their current paradigm and do more than just be entertained. I want them to wonder if a possibility can become reality, and if their reality is only one possibility.

I am a college educator, I enjoy teaching and learning languages, I enjoy all cultures and people. I believe human nature is kind and good, and resilient. I also believe that fear keeps us from being as human as we might be.

I enjoy writing, as well as reading, cycling, walking, and I used to run before my knees got the best of me. I write because the stories won’t allow me to sleep until I write them down, and I write because I have something to say, not because I want to be well known or famous. I write because stories have a life of their own and need to be released into the world. I write because therapy is too expensive. I write not because it is something I do; I write because it is something I am.

I hope readers will find what I have to say interesting enough to disagree, or agree, or at least say to themselves that reading my stories isn’t a waste of time.

I’ve been writing all my life, but only now do I have the courage to publish. Frankly, I’m scared to death. It’s like allowing your small child to walk to school alone for the first time. But, if the stories demand to be written, they also demand to be read. So, I am doing my part and I sincerely hope that you will do yours.

Yours Truly,

Sathwik Thomas

read on.

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