Dejantè Jones

My name is DeJantè Jones, (pronounced day-shawn-Tay), and I am an aspiring writer, philosopher, artist and occasional nice person. Nice only comes out between bouts of sarcasm and cynicism. However, I smile a lot! And, I think the world is an incredibly funny place where too many people have lost their sense of humor.
So my mission is to put a smile on a face every day, doesn’t really matter whose face it is, while asking questions that make people think. I like to push the comfort zone a bit, mine as well as others. I’m not a shocker, though, the things you read are not merely to sensationalize, but to invigorate and hopefully, help my readers to edify their minds. But I will admit to not caring what folks think; I believe an opinion is a sacred thing that folks are entitled to. Other people’s opinions are really not any of my business, especially if they are about me.

So this frees me up to write what I want when I want. I hope, and I really, sincerely mean this part, that you will want to read what I write when you want to read it. Selfishly, I think that time should be now, but that’s just my opinion. Mostly, though, I hope you have a serious thought about something I write, or a good chuckle, or a downright good belly laugh. Or that something I write causes you to say something inappropriate at just the right time, or to say the right thing at exactly the wrong time to someone you may like, love, or loathe. There are some other things I wish you might do when you read the Loverboy series, but we’ll get to that later.

Mostly, I want people to take themselves less seriously, and the business of making the world a healthy place more seriously. I hope you come back to see how my characters do that in my stories. And I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.
Oh, and I do have an education! I hold a master’s degree, I have attended college and university in the United States, and I teach at the college level. I like to think of my teaching as the subversion of young minds (you’re starting to see where this is all headed, aren’t you?). I actually do some social work where I try to help people figure why they are unhappy. I do not really help them, they help themselves and I just witness the transformation. Very exciting, yes? And I like bright colors, nice people, most dogs, and I respect all cats. Birds are my favorite, they seem very free to me.

So, please visit my work often. My suggestion is that one of you buy a book and then loan it to ten thousand other people. It won’t do much for my retirement plan, but it should make ten thousand and one people pretty happy!

Joy and Awe,


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