Luis L'Orteca

Luis L’Orteca is not the kind of person to write his own biography. Luis is a very private and very, very humble person who enjoys writing not because he likes writing, but because the stories have victims, and victims demand to be heard.

Luis is not the humble lets-save-the-world type of person. He’s a man who has no delusions about his importance. He chronicles the tales of carnage and mayhem that his victims demand. His humility stems from the fact that he does not believe himself to be all that important. He is merely the person writing down the story, relaying the facts, and giving some insight into how it feels to be both a victim, and a perpetrator.

Luis L’Orteca comes from a mysterious background. Fiercely educated in public libraries and a rabid reader of news from all major world outlets, Luis regularly feels outrage at the state of humanity today. But despair is not something that Luis feels, because he knows that in death there is only a new beginning, a new frontier to face, not an ending. Luis is not driven by a fear of dying. He is driven by a fear of not living life to the fullest. And a loathing for those who would line up like sheep just for a chance to remain alive another day.

Luis believes there are no immortals, only those who learn how to live a thousand years. And he has stories about those people he would like to share with you. Are his stories true, or just fantasy? Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?

Only read a Luis L’Orteca book if you have an open mind, a curious spirit, and are absolutely unafraid of the unknown.


From a friend of Luis L’Orteca

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