LoverBottoms Part Three This Again



The six friends get older, start families of their own, have kids, and their sex lives begin to experience the same inevitable pressure everyone feels. LaTricia becomes so frightened that her own sexual past will catch up in some kind of Karma-fueled crisis that she swears off sex completely, while her own sexual frustration mounts. Chris discovers that his penis can be a weapon, and begins to hate it. In a response to the guilt he feels about being a male, he begins to wear his wife’s underwear. Levon decides his life as a college professor lacks the excitement he once felt, and decides to reinvent himself by taking a stab at the criminal side of life. Between the drugs, sex with students, and a crisis with his partner, Levon finds himself not only outside of the law, but outside of the only real friends he ever knew.
The world becomes routine, mundane, and all too predictable. What they can’t predict, is their own emotions. Read what happens when the friends realize life is for real!


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