The Scientific Theory of Magic


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Humanity believes humans are the top of the food chain. The most intelligent, conquerors of their natural environment. But the evidence of hurricanes, floods, storms, and in particular Global Warming suggest otherwise.

This book suggests that our recorded history may have only served to convince us that we were not, at some time in the distant past, much more powerful than we are now. The Scientific Theory of Magic is a story about what may have been, and what might happen, if human beings could get their superiority out of the way, and reconnect with their natural state. The story follows a set of twins who were born with an understanding and perception that is totally different from the people around them, even their mother, and how a set of circumstances forces these twins to change the world.

The twins can do amazing things, until one of them is kept in a medically induced stupor by the state. Then, everything changes.

The Scientific Theory of Magic presents verified scientific evidence that there is something going on in our brains and bodies that we can’t even begin to understand. But if we want to survive what the planet is about to throw at us, we may want to try to increase our understanding of the infinite human capability we each possess.


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