LoverBottoms Part Four MidLife Crisis



Our six friends find themselves lost in middle age, and realize growing up isn’t easy. As the situation with Levon gets worse, Daphne has to re-examine everything about her life. While she has been financially secure and successful, she now finds that none of that means much. She also discovers she has been living a lie for most of her life, and her habit of trying to save people from themselves has come back to almost kill her. Demi learns what it’s like to love his family more than himself, and has to decide whether putting on a mask and pretending is better than just allowing the truth to be told. Chris has a gender identity melt down, and decides he no longer wants to be a male, and decides that his offending penis must go. Maddy, ever his best supporter, is conflicted about how to support a person she genuinely loves. Levon is forced into rehab, loses his job, and Daphne is forced to watch as he self-destructs.


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