The Door



“Faith made tangible, that’s what opens the Door. But it’s a component of the universe so small, so omni-present, so fundamental, that it needs no physical form. It casts no shadow, reflects no light, takes no shape. Yet it holds everything together, and is essential for life to exist. It’s the meaning of life.”

This is Cliff Jefferson, a tinkerer who stumbles onto a way top produce vast amounts of energy with very little power, and re-writes the way people live. But a transition of this kind isn’t easy, and soon the entire world is fighting to claim Cliff’s discovery.

The United States is divided into three parts by warring generals who want control, and soon Cliff finds himself scrambling for his life with a group of people in the Midwest. While his discovery is powerful, can he hold off an invading army?

Cliff becomes so desperate that he even joins his daughter to a fighter plane in order to save her life, and in the bargain creates a whole new species of human.

The Door offers a glimpse into what the world might look like if we could redefine energy, and how it will not only change our lives, but could change us as well!


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