Intelliporn: Where Intelligent People go to get their Kink!


This book is about having fun, and feeling things we can’t talk about. For all of you out there who have felt ashamed of your sexuality, wanted to ask about sex but were afraid to do so, or just like the word “porn”, this is for you. It’s all made up, all the characters are purely fiction, and any resemblance to anyone living or dead or just acting like they’re dead during sex is purely coincidental. Intelliporn is a story about the pursuit of intelligent pornography. A film maker decides to raise the bar on porn, and finds a wealthy backer who has an ulterior motive. The backer wants to win a political office by bringing the moral majority down on the film company’s head! You’ll find sex queens, drag queens, crazed psychiatrists, preacher’s wives who love oral sex, extremely inventive prop men who make a flying dildo, and some of the most underhanded scheming ever to come from a pulpit. It’s a fun romp through a taboo subject that you won’t want to miss!



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