The War for Humanity; Part Two of The Scientific Theory of Magic


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Within a system of natural selection, where the strong and the most fit survive and the weak perish and die, is it possible for any species to decide to be the strongest? This is what David and Laura must do in a brutal world where humans have ravaged the planet, and must adapt or die. But how should they adapt? Do they leave their humanity behind, or become even more human? After losing their entire family, their home, and their way of life, these two must face the difficult choice of all.

If magic isn’t magic at all, but pure science that we have lost our ability to understand, then is magic possible after all? The Scientific Theory of Magic series explores whether this is happening, or possibly has already happened. The legends, myths, and pagan rituals may have been more about communication with the power of the Earth, and less about superstition and magic than we want to believe.

David and Laura find themselves at this crucial crossroad in human history. The ancient past, from time long before written history, to the climate ravaged present, humanity finds itself with a choice. Evolve, change, or try to stay the same, and possibly die off. And if they change, will they still be human? It truly is a war, between dark forces and enlightened forces, between the old humanity and the new. The war is fought with fire and blood, but the real weapon is choice.

The enlightened forces want peace, the dark forces want to exterminate all of the old humankind, and the soldier Aletha just wants revenge. Each will make a choice after chasing each other through mud and acid rain, reliving the tale of how modern society became so isolated and fragmented from each other. And how, power is the real wedge between us, not human nature.

This is a continuation of the original book in the series, The Scientific Theory of Magic: Evolution or Devolution.  It fills in the gaps between where we left the original band of magicians and the two hundred years that followed, ending in a complete breakdown of society and infrastructure. The War for Humanity take s a close look at what life might be like if we return to our natural state, and give up the mad power-grab for control that we all seem to love so much.


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