The Binding of Culture



What does it feel like, to be the first of your kind? The Binding of Culture is the final conclusion to The Door series, where a whole new technology opens a path toward salvation for humanity, and also a path of evolution for a new species. Brandie becomes the first woman to be part human, part machine. Capable of amazing feats of strength and speed, she has a daughter who scares the people of the little town where they live so much that they want rid of her, her mother, and her whole kind. But that doesn’t happen. Once evolution has a foot in the door, it won’t leave. Brandie’s husband, Jason, is a doctor and a scientist, and can’t resist the temptation to change himself into what Brandie and his daughter have become. But the experiment goes awry, and a dark element is introduced into Jason. He becomes violent, driven, and obsessed with creating a whole new race of beings, exactly what the townspeople feared. After committing three senseless murders to demonstrate his superiority, Jason is finally killed, but not before depositing another baby into Brandie, who desperately wants rid of what she knows will be a troubled child. The Binding of Culture is about creating a whole new race of beings. It’s about transferring power from one species to another, and the complicated and heart wrenching events that have to happen in order for life to evolve. It is about loss, triumph, and the extremely difficult human spirit that refuses to die. The final episode of The Door series will shock you, and make you wonder if any of this could really happen. Trust me, dear reader, with artificial intelligence at the stage it is in, the events in this book are more than possible.


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