Recovery Man Composite: Young Adult Version



Recovery Man is a common drug addict who finds himself mixed up in some powerful magic that he can’t understand. Sent to steal a valuable sacred object from a powerful Voudoun witch, he gets caught, then killed. But that’s only where the story starts! Our hero, an undead Voudoun soldier who is directed to deliver a message, then go straight to hell, has other ideas. He hears a voice, something small and significant, and he makes a choice. This choice, this decision, changes everything. He becomes Recovery Man, willing to risk whatever is left of his soul to stop addiction in its tracks, and free people from the living hell that is addictive drug addiction. Recovery Man sets out to punish one drug dealer at a time, until he discovers there is one fiend behind all addiction; a shadowy character named Nathaniel. But finding Nathaniel is more difficult that becoming an undead soldier, and Recovery Man has to find clues, go from one drug dealer to another, then fight supervillians, rescue young girls who are abused by their fathers, meet a partner that has to go to rehab, and little by little be pulled into a fantastic world of magical creatures, banshees, witches, and the unhuman creature called Nathaniel. Recovery Man goes on a quest aided by the most powerful forces of Voudoun, while he fights the most powerful forces of magic who want to stop him. There are three sacred objects, which contain the power of the universe. Each side wants them for good, or evil, and Recovery Man finds himself standing in the way of both. Can Recovery Man stop the evil forces of Matilda and Nathaniel from turning all living beings into slaves? Can he end Nathaniel and the plague of addiction once and for all? Can Recovery Man return to human form, and find love in the only girl who can touch his cold dead skin and not run away? These are the questions the book answers, and more. Journey to the Land of Aon Rud, the personal hell Recovery Man finds himself in while he tries to rescue his beloved Sonja. Find out why Nathaniel hates humanity so much, and discover the only thing that addiction wants from us. This book is a fantastical look at what addiction feels like, through the eyes of people who are experiencing it. If you, or someone you care about, has ever suffered from addiction, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Luis L’Orteca


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